Welcome to Med.E.A.

Med.E.A. – Medical Education Academy – is a global medical education provider. It is dedicated to developing, implementing and evaluating medical education programs worldwide, offering support to health care professionals in their continuing professional development. Med.E.A. exists to drive healthcare forward through insightful education that can help deliver improved patient care. At the heart of Med.E.A. is an independent and international pool of scientific experts, education experts, academics and leading healthcare professionals, each with a long-established background in medical education. Med.E.A. education programs cover the fields of andrology, cardiology, endocrinology and metabolism, immunology, neurology, reproductive medicine and ultrasound. Each focus area is led by a dedicated Med.E.A. Board of Experts comprising leading experts in the specific field.

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Med.E.A. Board of Experts

Med.E.A. board of experts have an informed view of the knowledge gaps that exist at local, regional and international levels. Board members work proactively to capture the latest insights and visions of international and local experts and share these new evidence-based perspectives with healthcare professionals in targeted regions.Each Med.E.A. experts identifies specific learning needs relating to the diagnosis and ongoing management of the relevant disease state, using assessments and professional education gap analyses. The broader skillset of Med.E.A. then works with the board of experts to design targeted, high-quality medical education activities to address these gaps in the most impactful way that can pave the way to improving patient care globally. The scientific rigor and quality of all Med.E.A. activities is overseen by the Med.E.A. Scientific Director, Robert Fischer.