Antonio Capalbo


Rome, Italy

Dr. Capalbo received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology from University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ and his Ph.D. magna cum laude in Human Genetics at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Rome in 2011. Since 2008 Dr. Capalbo has been working as clinical embryologist at GENERA, Reproductive Medicine in Rome. Since then, his research has focused on preimplantation genetic testing and on the development of novel molecular biology techniques to improve pregnancy and take-home baby rates in ART. He received several grants for innovative studies on these subjects. From 2012-2017 he was co-founder and Laboratory Director at GENETYX, largest PGT program in Italy. From 2017 he is working in the board of R&D directors at Igenomix and as Laboratory Director for Igenomix Italy.
He is currently senior deputy of the ESHRE SIG in Reproductive Genetics and member of the genomics-working group of the Italian society of human genetics. He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and is currently reviewer for many journals in the field of reproductive biology and genetics.