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The role of luteinizing hormone (LH) during folliculogenesis has intrigued the scientific and medical community for at least three decades. There is an emerging galaxy of research

to explore concerning this enigmatic subject. The availability of recombinant drugs now offers, for the first time, the opportunity to examine the role of follicle stimulating hormone and LH separately. An emerging topic during last year’s conference was LH supplementation to improve the outcome in a subgroup of low prognosis patients selected according to POSEIDON classification.


During this conference we will discuss the management of these low prognosis patients in greater detail. Notably, we will move beyond controlled ovarian stimulation to explore further the involvement of LH in personalizing the luteal phase and in male infertility. Also, on the agenda will be the extra-gonadal effect of LH, including potential immune-modulation at the endometrium.


Following the precedent set at last year’s conference, considerable time will be devoted to basic science, alongside such controversial issues as progesterone rise and pharmacogenomics. This year we have attracted prominent scientists from the worlds of endocrinology, andrology, immunology and embryology to take part in our engaging exploration of the LH galaxy.

Learning Objectives

After attending the educational activities, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of luteinizing activity during folliculogenesis and beyond.
  • Understand the dynamics of hypothalamic-pituitary axis in the pathogenesis of hypo- and normo-gonadotropic amenorrhea.
  • Comprehend the concept of relative gonadotropin deficiency.
  • Discuss and debate the management of low prognosis patients.
  • Comprehend the clinical utility of LH supplementation to patients classified according to the POSEIDON criteria.
  • Discover the clinical relevance of LH supplementation in ART.
  • Analyse the relevance of LH during the luteal phase and introduce the concept of individualized luteal phase support.
  • Explore the potential role of LH in male infertility treatment.

Target Audience

This programme is designed for clinicians and biologists working in assisted reproductive medicine, who want to acquire up-to date information to improve their current practice.


This programme will be submitted for CME accreditation to EACCME® (European Accreditation Council for Continuing for Medical Education).


Hotel Royal Continental
Naples, Italy



Carlo Alviggi

Naples, Italy


Robert Fischer

Hamburg, Germany


Sandro C. Esteves

Campinas, Brazil


Peter Humaidan

Aarhus University


Carlo Alviggi
Federico II University
Naples, Italy

Ernesto Bosch
Valencia, Spain

Klaus Bühler
Centre for Gynaecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine
Stuttgart, Germany

Annamaria Colao
Federico II University
Naples, Italy

Alessandro Conforti
Federico II University
Naples, Italy

Sandro C. Esteves
Androfert – Andrology and Human Reproduction Clinic
Campinas, Brazil

Robert Fischer
Fertility Centre Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany

Peter Humaidan
Fertility Clinic, Skive Regional Hospital
Faculty of Health, Aarhus University
Aarhus, Denmark

Francesca Gioia Klinger
University of Rome Tor Vergata
Rome, Italy

Antonio La Marca
Mother, Child and Adult
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Modena, Italy

Raoul Orvieto
Tel-Aviv University
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Nikolaos P. Polyzos
University Hospital Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Manuela Simoni
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Modena, Italy

Sesh K. Sunkara
King’s College London
London, UK

Filippo Maria Ubaldi
G.E.N.E.R.A. Centre for Reproductive Medicine
Rome, Italy

Hakan Yarali
Anatolia IVF and Women’s Health Center
Ankara, Turkey

Preliminary Programme

Friday, 27 May 2022

13:00 Registration and welcome lunch

14.00 MedEA Welcome
R. Fischer, Germany

14.10 Local welcome
To be defined

14.30 Introduction and objectives
Voting system
C. Alviggi, Italy


Session I

Moving away from earth: lessons from gonadotropins system

Chairs: F. Ubaldi, Italy – E. Bosch, Spain

15.00 L1      Follicular waves
To be announced

15.20 L2     Folliculogenesis and hormones
A. La Marca, Italy

15.40 Discussion

16.10 Coffee break

Session II

Chairs: M. Simoni, Italy; Sesh Sunkara, UK

16.30 L3     FSH and LH deficiency: new insights in stratifying patients (advanced maternal age polymorphisms)
C. Alviggi, Italy

16.50 L4     Hypothalamic amenorrhea and PCOS: two sides of the moon (not scholastic way)
A. Colao, Italy

17.10 L5     Role of LH in male infertility treatment
S. C. Esteves, Brazil

17.30 Discussion – Voting system

18.00 Concluding remarks of the day

Saturday, 28 May 2022

09.00 Introduction day 2 and Voting system


Session III

LH in COS: the general population

Chairs:  Peter Humaidan, Denmark ; Hakan Yaraly, Turkey

9.20 L6     Defining endpoints
S. K. Sunkara, UK

9.40 L7     The state of the art according to EBM
To be announced

10.00 Discussion

 10.20 Coffee Break

Session IV

LH in COS for low prognosis patients: The role of classification systems

Chairs: R. Fischer, Germany – C. Alviggi, Italy

 10.40 L8     Capability of Bologna criteria to discriminate low prognosis patients
H. Yarali, Turkey

11.00 L9      Capability of Poseidon criteria to discriminate low prognosis patients
S. C. Esteves, Brazil

11.20 L10     LH in poor responders according to Bologna and Poseidon criteria
P. Humaidan, Denmark

11.40 L11     LH in advanced maternal age and hypo-responders
A. Conforti, Italy

12.00 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

Session V

LH before and after COS

Chairs: K. Buhler, Germany; A. La Marca, Italy

14.00 L12     LH and androgens for improving ovarian reserve
N. Polyzos, Spain

14.20 L13     LH in triggering
R. Orvieto, Israel

14.40 L14     LH luteal phase support
P. Humaidan, Denmark

15.00 L15     LH across COSs: The Duo-Stim
To be announced

15.20 Discussion

15.40 Coffee break

Session VI

LH out ART

 Chairs: Carlo Alviggi, Italy; Sandro C. Esteves, Brazil

16.00 L16     New insights in LH anti-apoptotic activity
To be announced

16.20 L17     LH in fertility preservation
F. G. Klinger, Italy

16.40 L18     LH in immunology (extra-gonadal activity)
To be announced

17.00 Discussion

17.00 Voting System and concluding remarks

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General Information


The official language of this live educational conference will be English.

CME Provider

Med.E.A – Medical Education Academy



Registration fee

The registration includes:
• Scientific sessions
• Coffee breaks and lunch
• Educational materials
• Certificate of attendance
Dinner is not included

For registration information please contact:
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