Philippe Lehert


Faculty of Economics
Academy of Louvain
Louvain, Belgium

Professor Dr Philippe Paul Lehert is a Belgian scientist in mathematical statistics and biostatistics applied to drug development and health management. Doctor in Computer Science (DSc, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique, 1974, Belgium), he was awarded a PhD for his seminal research on the computational complexity of clustering in hyperspaces for artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Philippe Lehert currently holds position as Hon Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Melbourne (Australia, 1996-) and department of Statistics, Faculty of Economics, University of Louvain (UCL Mons-Louvain, Belgium, 1978-); He has held numerous elected and honorary positions including member of the Belgian Statistical Steering Committee, Scientific director at the International Health Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland), Senior Consulting Statistician for the United Nations (Geneva Switzerland), review editor for eight scientific journals, member and reviewer for the Cochrane Review Group. He is authoring 320 peer reviewed articles. In the context of assisted reproduction technology, he has developed predicting models based on mixed non-linear statistical models and demonstrated their validity to poor ovarian responders.